[September 19th, 2020]: Life Journal

Hello lovelies…

How many of you, girls enjoy grocery shopping as much as I do?

Well… Welcome to adulthood!

In my opinion, grocery shopping is very therapeutic, especially when the store you went has everything you want.

And that’s why, friend…I chose to shop at Ben’s Independent Grocer (B.I.G) store in Publika Mall. It’s a little bit further from my home, which is approximately 37 km but I guess, I don’t really mind about it. My happy tummy matter the most!

I wake up early in the morning and get ready for my me-time at the mall.

I arrived B.I.G store around 9.30am and start wandering at the store, looking for the things I wrote in my shopping list.

I swear the list wasn’t that long as the receipt I received during the check out!

Hmmm… That’s what you get when you spent almost three (3) hours at the grocery store, huh?

Since it already afternoon, I decided to grab my lunch at a nearby restaurant.

My! Oh! My!

There are plenty of restaurant choices in this mall! From local to western food… you named it!

I decided to go for local food at Ali Muthu and Ah Hock Restaurant. I ordered a platter of fried chicken nasi lemak with a cup of milk coffee. just as recommended by one of the waiter at the restaurant.

The food was good…but I still think that the nasi lemak at Medan Selera Presint 8 taste better 😉

Before I went home, I went to Daiso to hair accessories. I need to top up my bobby pins as it getting lesser and lesser.

By 3.00pm, I safely arrived home and dismantled all the goods from my shopping bags.

My OOTD. Don’t forget to wear a mask in public area, girls!

How are you spending your weekend, girls? Share you experienced by commenting on the box below. I would love to hear from you ❤

p/s: Can anyone please help me by giving a suggestion on a good shopping trolley? I desperately need 1 🙂


[September 8th, 2019]: Life Journal

Hello lovelies…

How’s your Sunday?

I gotta say, Sunday is always be a lazy day for me. The day where I feel like doing nothing at all. Just chilling at home wearing my pyjama and tucked under the blanket the whole day.

I make myself a grilled salmon with berries smoothie for my lunch today and it turned out to be pretty good. Well done, Farah! I wish I snapped a photo of the meal, but sorry girls…I was so hungry at that time.

After lunch, I watched a few series of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. Hmmm… I guess the series is a bit lousy that left me feeling dizzy and sleepy.

So I went to my bedroom and took a nap. Wasn’t expecting to sleep for too long, but yeah… I woke up at 6.10pm. That would be like four (4) hours sleeping.

I decided to go for groceries shopping at the nearby mall as I remembered that there is no ice cream left in the fridge.

I make a video of the items I purchased at the mall.

Check it out, girls…


How do you spend your Sunday? Any exciting stories you would love to share? Let’s share your day on the comment box below. I would love to hear from you.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer

Hello lovelies…

I believe all the women in this world know that concealer is the right cosmetics product to hide our under eye dark circles and wrinkles besides hiding dark spot or acne scars.

Well…it could help you to hide hangovers and bad decisions too!

Concealer function

I wasn’t really considered concealer as my makeup-must-have item when I started using makeup. Normally, I just used my powder or foundation to hide my zits or scars.

But as I grow older, my skin started to be more matured enough that I started to look out for any makeup product that could hide my under eye dark circles.

Until that day I saw my sister was doing her makeup…

She was using the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer to hide her dark circles.

My! Oh! My! I swear that concealer is like her magic wand!

Without further due, I go look out for that concealer at the nearby Watson store. There were too shades available at the store I went:

  • Light; and
  • Medium

Seriously…Is that the only shades they produce???

I don’t think as an established worldwide beauty company, Maybelline is not that stupid to produce only two (2) concealer shades!

Later that I found out…Maybelline has 12 shades, which are:

  1. Fair (110)
  2. Light (120)
  3. Medium (130)
  4. Honey (140)
  5. Neutralizer (150)
  6. Brightener (160)
  7. Ivory (100)
  8. Sand (122)
  9. Golden (142)
  10. Caramel (144)
  11. Tan (146)
  12. Hazelnut (148)

and I chose medium (how I which all these shades were available during my purchased…).

The trial has begun right after the purchasing…

The concealer comes with micro-corrector sponge applicator that attached to the stick. You gotta twist the applicator collar until the sponge is slightly damp to dispense the concealer. Then, apply it directly to you under eye area and dabbed slowly until the concealer is blended onto your skin.

Hmmm… pretty handy! I don’t have to use both hands to apply this concealer.

After the first application, I noticed this product does instantly  hide my dark circles and fine lines. The goji berry and Haloxyl ingredients help to create a radiant and refreshed looking eye area.

After a long hours of the trial, my under eyes still look on point! It doesn’t creased or cakey at all! (I set my concealer with setting loose powder).

Double thumbs up, yaw!!!

I highly recommend this concealer.

If you love to get this online, do check out their official store from here.

p/s: Girls…give yourself a try and let me know how you feel about it. I would love to hear you 🙂 

Peripera Pearly Night Inklasting Lavender Cushion

Hello lovelies…

A few weeks ago, there was a big sale on one of my favorite online shopping store, i.e Hermo. As for my friends who are not from Malaysia, Hermo is basically similar to Sephora, selling beauty and cosmetic products at a reasonable prices. Only that…they only works thru online.

As an average woman with average 9-5 hours monthly salary, I got super excited when sales going on but my bank account would probably unhappy with it (average girls problem, tho’).

I started to look around the items that were on sales and all of sudden, my eyes stopped at this Peripera’s Pearly Night Ink Lasting Lavender Cushion. Very weird,  Because I’m not a foundation kinda girl. I occasionally wear foundation and most I time, I would used the foundation I bought like for 5-10 times and I will passed them to my sisters before they expired (my sisters are lucky to have me…I know!).

The thing that attracted me to this Peripera’s lavender cushion has gotta be because of the packaging. Yeah…I’m suck at beautiful packaging. It is from the pearly night collection.

This BB cushion comes with SPF 50+ PA+++. It has brightening reflective board effect which may result:

  1. natural luminous dewy glow;
  2. buildable and non-cakey coverage; and
  3. long-lasting radiance.

This edition comes with three different shades, which are:

  1. Ivory (light)
  2. Beige (medium)
  3. Sand (deep)

Ohhh…I wish they could come with more shades 😦

I’m a medium tanned Asian woman (NC40) so I gave a shot on shade #3 sand.

Well…their darkest color still look to bright for me, tho’. I know most of Asian women wanted to look fair, but I’m the minority. I love to be tanned and this shade is definitely a NO! NO! for me.

Talking about the formula…I would say it is more like a medium coverage and it is not matte at all! It feels so lightweight on my skin. My skin glow after the application but in a long term, it does look more oily rather than glowy. It started to be a little bit cakey after a few hours of wearing and my laughing line started to cracked.

Maybe I laughed a lot…I don’t know, but I don’t like to see that 😦

Overall, I’m not fancy on this product, but…I might keep this just because of the packaging.


This BB cushion comes with a pink sponge applicator.


The shade #3 Sand BB cushion.

Verb Product Sea Collection

Hello lovelies…

It’s been a month I’ve been using The Verb Sea Shampoo and the conditioner. Perfect timing, huh? since it is now summer time! (duhhh…as if my country has four season!)


I gotta admit that I was attempt to buy this set at Sephora just because of the pouch that comes with the set. Yeaaahhh…I’m sucked at beautiful packaging/makeup pouch. Never heard about the brand before nor doing any survey on the products. Only by reading the reviews from Sephora.

Life is a gamble yaw…so I did buy the set and hoping that it wouldn’t do any harm on me.

My! Oh! My!

The first trial already awed me!

My hair became so smooth on my first wash and oohhh girls… the smell is so good! It’s the smell of the ocean paradise!


Never in my life had ever used any shampoo that gives me this silky smooth hair on the first wash. Like seriously… my hair feels like it was just having a hair treatment at a salon!

Can you believe it?

Well…I couldn’t believe it too at first. So, I put it into a test.  I leaved it dried for a few days until the next wash.

Second awed, girls… My hair remains the same like the first day I washed my hair for a couple days (three (3) days to be precised) and the smell still lingered!

That’s it, girls… This brand is going to be forever on my bathroom shelf. Yes…it my be pricey compared to all the drugstore shampoo brands, but it totally worth it! Plus…it’s vegan and cruelty free products. What more can I say?


p/s : the set I purchased comes with a shampoo (355ml), conditioner(355ml), sea spray (186ml) and sea texture cream (60ml).

Happy Fresh App

Buying groceries could never been so easy peasy…

Groceries shopping could be fun but when you think about the traffic jam, the hot weather (especially in Malaysia) and the difficulties on finding parking spot… you would definitely have a second thought!

And my oh my…

How awful for a girl like me who seldom workout at the gym to carry all those heavy groceries from the parking to your apartment…ALONE? (this is why I wanna build muscles like Sazali Samad).

Call me a late bloomer or IT unsavvy…
I just discover an app named Happy Fresh on App Store last year and I decided to give it a try.

Well…precisely, not me who were excited to try the app. The app is user-friendly.

I’m definitely gonna be a Happy Fresh app regular user…I can guarantee that!