Unplanned Getaway

Hello Lovelies…

Thank you Dear God for making my dreams come true! I always been dreaming of traveling to Bali, Indonesia. I heard so many peoples bragging about how great the place was and there are so many cool and magnificent Instagram photos of Bali.

Believe it or not…I never stepped my foot on Bali even though I live next door!

How pathetic is that??? Hohoho

Until that day…when my dolphin said about having weird dreams recently that I decided to spend more time with my dolphin.

And WALLLLAAAA….the idea of traveling to Bali popped out from nowhere!

Without any hesitation, we booked the flight tickets and up up in the sky we flew across the Java Sea.

This is my first experienced of traveling with Batik Air. Batik Air is the baby of the Lion Air Group which began operation since 2013. This airline is a scheduled Indonesian airlines.

It’s only takes about three (3) hours to reached Bali from Kuala Lumpur if you’re traveling by air. And don’t worry…foods are provided by the Batik Air and it’s yummy…that’s for sure! I ate chicken briyani rice during the travel.

Overall, the airline is good and the staffs are very friendly…even though there were a slight difficulties during check in and they slightly make a mistakes during the seat check in. They handled the issue professionally.

Hmmm…Maybe this issue happened so frequent?

I don’t know…


My in-flight meal


Wong Solo Restaurant, Cyberjaya

Hello Loves…

Living in Malaysia is a good thing for the fat minded people like me! Yuppp…I love foods…VERY MUCH! There are so many of meals to try when you are when you are in Malaysia. Malaysia is a multi racial and cultures. And of course…the foods are influenced by so many origins, which are mainly from our neighbourhood countries such as Indonesia, China, India, Thailand, Phillipines and etc. Malaysian cuisines consist of variety of spices and herbs which some of you might not  heard about it.

Wong Solo Restaurant is a famous Indonesian restaurant in Malaysia. It’s well known for its fried chicken set which is called set nasi ayam penyet. What makes it different from the rest of the fried chicken rice set is…their home made sambal. It’s so authentic!

And they are selling all the meals at a reasonable price.

Wong Solo Restaurant has five (5) franchises in Kuala Lumpur / Selangor and a franchise in Melaka. This year…another franchise is opened in Cyberjaya. Walllaaa…good news for those who works in Cyberjaya / Putrajaya! Good news for me too! Hohoho…because I remembered how pain in the ass to drive from Putrajaya to Bangi just to eat ayam penyet during lunch hour! The traffic, the hot weather, searching for parking….bla bla bla!

Thank you Wong Solo for understanding my suffering… now the new franchise is located nearby to my office! And I guess God does listen to my praying huh?

So these are a few pictures of how the new Wong Solo Restaurant look like:

The sambals…yummmyyyy!!!
I eat pecel lele set (fried catfish set)

The taste is the same as always…DELICIOUS!

So guys…if you are leaving or working nearby…and you don’t know what to eat for lunch, don’t forget to visit:

Ayam Bakar Wong Solo Cyberjaya
Jalan Perdana, CBD Cyberjaya
63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor