[September 19th, 2020]: Life Journal

Hello lovelies…

How many of you, girls enjoy grocery shopping as much as I do?

Well… Welcome to adulthood!

In my opinion, grocery shopping is very therapeutic, especially when the store you went has everything you want.

And that’s why, friend…I chose to shop at Ben’s Independent Grocer (B.I.G) store in Publika Mall. It’s a little bit further from my home, which is approximately 37 km but I guess, I don’t really mind about it. My happy tummy matter the most!

I wake up early in the morning and get ready for my me-time at the mall.

I arrived B.I.G store around 9.30am and start wandering at the store, looking for the things I wrote in my shopping list.

I swear the list wasn’t that long as the receipt I received during the check out!

Hmmm… That’s what you get when you spent almost three (3) hours at the grocery store, huh?

Since it already afternoon, I decided to grab my lunch at a nearby restaurant.

My! Oh! My!

There are plenty of restaurant choices in this mall! From local to western food… you named it!

I decided to go for local food at Ali Muthu and Ah Hock Restaurant. I ordered a platter of fried chicken nasi lemak with a cup of milk coffee. just as recommended by one of the waiter at the restaurant.

The food was good…but I still think that the nasi lemak at Medan Selera Presint 8 taste better 😉

Before I went home, I went to Daiso to hair accessories. I need to top up my bobby pins as it getting lesser and lesser.

By 3.00pm, I safely arrived home and dismantled all the goods from my shopping bags.

My OOTD. Don’t forget to wear a mask in public area, girls!

How are you spending your weekend, girls? Share you experienced by commenting on the box below. I would love to hear from you ❤

p/s: Can anyone please help me by giving a suggestion on a good shopping trolley? I desperately need 1 🙂


[September 8th, 2019]: Life Journal

Hello lovelies…

How’s your Sunday?

I gotta say, Sunday is always be a lazy day for me. The day where I feel like doing nothing at all. Just chilling at home wearing my pyjama and tucked under the blanket the whole day.

I make myself a grilled salmon with berries smoothie for my lunch today and it turned out to be pretty good. Well done, Farah! I wish I snapped a photo of the meal, but sorry girls…I was so hungry at that time.

After lunch, I watched a few series of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. Hmmm… I guess the series is a bit lousy that left me feeling dizzy and sleepy.

So I went to my bedroom and took a nap. Wasn’t expecting to sleep for too long, but yeah… I woke up at 6.10pm. That would be like four (4) hours sleeping.

I decided to go for groceries shopping at the nearby mall as I remembered that there is no ice cream left in the fridge.

I make a video of the items I purchased at the mall.

Check it out, girls…


How do you spend your Sunday? Any exciting stories you would love to share? Let’s share your day on the comment box below. I would love to hear from you.

Penang Air Itam Laksa

Hello lovelies…

Last Monday (11th March, 2019), I flew to Penang due to work. To be honest… I was excited when I was given this task because I love traveling to Penang State. I bet most of the Malaysian food lovers enjoy food hunting in Penang.

Whenever I travel to Penang, the food I would definitely looking forward is asam laksa, of course!

Maybe some of you girls already know that I’m a big fan of asam laksa cause I been bragging a lot about it in some of my posts. Besides, CNN Travel ranked it at no.7th out of the 50 most delicious foods in the world.

In Penang, there is a very well-known asam laksa stall located at Air Itam, nearby Kek Lok Si Temple.

farahpinkladydotcom_Penang_Air Itam_Asam Laksa_2

This stall has been established since 1955 and still going strong. Today, he hired many staffs (mainly his family members) to help him assembling the asam laksa condiments, i.e cucumber, onions, chillies, pineapple, lettuce, mint, torch ginger and shrimp paste and serve it to the customers.

farahpinklady_penang_air itam_asam laksa_3

Each bowl of asam laksa costs is only MYR 5 (USD 1.22)!

That’s very economical!

One tips for you girls…if you’re planning to try this out, you gotta come as early as you can because they always running out of stocks in a blink of eyes! and it’s better to come in with friends/relatives/family…because someone need to reserve a seat/table for you while you are ordering your asam laksa at the counter.

The seats are like hot cakes. As soon as you leave your table, someone else would take your seat within a seconds!

Besides…you might need a help to capture your memory of sipping the asam laksa broth, aite?

So girls…if you are in Penang, do check this place out! It’s definitely worth it!

Pasar Air Itam Laksa 
Jalan Pasar Road,
11500 Air Itam,
Penang State, MALAYSIA
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/penang.air.itam.laksa

Tel: +60125007063 / +60124688886 (order)


farahpinklady_penang_air itam_asam laksa_4

farahpinklady_penang_air itam_asam laksa_5

farahpinklady_penang_air itam_asam laksa_6farahpinklady_penang_air itam_asam laksa_7

farahpinklady_penang_air itam_asam laksa_8


Go Lokal Hut, Putrajaya

Hello lovelies,

Ever wonder where you can chill and enjoy your tea time in Putrajaya just like the way you were in kampung?

Traditional local foods are always my favorite.  If you asked me “what’s your favorite local food combo?” I would definitely say “assam laksa and cendol!”. In fact, I boasted about how delicious it tastes in a few of my posts. I don’t mind having assam laksa daily.

Assam Laksa / Laksa Utara at the Go Lokal Hut.

The regular cendol.

Ok…so you might not be a fan of assam laksa…

How about cendol?

For a cendol lover, you don’t have to ride your motorcycle and “merah merah muka berpeluh -peluh” like the viral awek cendol.

All you gotta do is just head over to Alamanda Shopping Centre, Putrajaya and look out for Go Lokal Hut. This hut will be the answer for all your cendol’s craving!

Simple counter design.

The menu comes in sets and ala carte. The foods are limited; ie

  1. Assam laksa / Laksa Utara;
  2. Mee Rebus Kinta;
  3. Laksa Johor; and
  4. Rojak Melaka

Each set comes with a meal and a regular cendol.

The combo deals.

And the cendol selections are:

  1. Cendol Biasa;
  2. Cendol Kacang;
  3. Cendol Pulut;
  4. Cendol Jagung;
  5. Cendol Tapai;
  6. Cendol Nangka;
  7. Cendol Rambutan;
  8. Cendol Laici; and
  9. Cendol Durian.

My! Oh! My!

The foods are tasty as what they claimed!

Definitely worth it!

And the price is reasonable too!

So girls, check out this place if you are in Putrajaya;

GO Lokal Hut
LG 72, 73 &74

Alamanda Shopping Centre
Putrajaya, MALAYSIA.


p/s: This post is not sponsored.

Matsuri Japanese Food Court, Cyberjaya

Hello lovelies…

This is a little update about the lunch that we had yesterday.

We planned to have a lunch at Salaam Noodle Restaurant (Chinese-Muslim cuisine) earlier, but it turned out that everybody’s were having the same thought as we do.


After finding difficulties in looking for an empty parking lot, we gave up!

So, we stopped at Gem In Mall which is located nearby the Salaam Noodle Restaurant.

We walked into the mall and there was it…a big shopping space with Chinese red lanterns and Japanese decoration catching our attention. And the aroma from the outside makes us hungrier.

Without hesitation, we decided to dine in at the food court a.k.a restaurant.

There were plenty of choices. Pictures are included on the menu to help us to understand the Japanese language menu.

That’s very helpful!

We ordered:

  1. Curry Chicken Katsu Set;
  2. Kimuchi Yakiniku Rice Set;
  3. Fried Dumpling;
  4. Kimuchi;
  5. Fried Fish.

Each set came with a bowl of miso soup.

Overall, the foods are delicious and it’s worth it. All of them cost us MYR 71.90 (USD 17.18).

Will definitely come back 😉

Check out this place girls, if you wanna give it a try:

Matsuri Japanese Food Court,
Gem In Mall,
No.G02, G03, G04, Ground Floor,
Persiaran Sepang, Cyber 11.
Tel: +603-8322 5089


A homemade kimuchi.


Chicken Curry Katsu Set.

Fried Dumpling.

Fried fish.

Kimuchi Yakiniku Rice Set.