Chinese New Year Eve

27/1/2017 – Tomorrow is a Chinese New Year Day and it’s a HOLIDAY!


How am I going to spend my holiday?

Nothing much..just chilling at home watching netflix & sip hot mocha ☕️ – at Desa Petaling

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Happy New Year 2017

Tick tock…tick tock…

Counting every minutes left till 12am.

It’s New Year Eve today…and year 2017 is just around the corner.

Happy New Year to all of you who’s reading this.

I hope year 2017 will be more fun and more exciting like what I had experienced in this year. I cherished year 2016 and I’m so thankful to whom that came into my life and make my days became so bright.

Thank You So Much!

p/s : Cupcake is the key of happiness 🙂