Hello lovelies…

Remember on my previous post I had promised to do a giveaway?

Oh yes… I never lie to you, girls!

So, these are a few simple steps you gotta complete to win this Javanese straw bag;

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Good luck, girls ūüėČ



SHAPE x Calvin Klein Workshop

Hello lovelies…

Registration counter
The welcome snack and drink

It’s been an pleasure to received an invitation from Shape Magazine for The Shape x Calvin Klein Workshop. I was among the 30 women who were selected to join the workshop.¬†Hohoho…was I born¬†with lucky charm or what?

Shape Magazine is known for fitness and healthy lifestyle and Calvin Klein is known for their glamour fashion and styles. So what does these two related to each other?

Well well well…

Nowadays, peoples not only go to the gym for workout, girls! Gym is also known as a silent fashion stage for some fashionista. Taking selfies and sharing photos about their ‘workout routine’ or today gym OOTD on Instagram is now become a trend. And what can be worst is…they asked nearby people at random to be their¬†unpaid photographer!

Walaweyhhh…so syok¬†ahhh?¬†

To keep updated with the latest trend, Calvin Klein has come out with the fashionable sportswear range, named Calvin Klein Performance. During the workshop, we learned about mix and match sportswear. Miss Jayen, the speaker for the session taught us about ‘athleisure’ style, which means that sportswear is not only to be worn at the gym, girls…nah ah ah! She told us to be confident to¬†wear these styles even though¬†you hang out with your friends and maybe on a date with your bae!

The emcee for The Shape x Calvin Klein Workshop
A welcome speech by Miss Samantha, the Calvin Klein Branch Manager
The Mix and Match session by Miss Jayen
With my bestie and Miss Jayen

The new reversible sports bra
Trying out the running jacket

After the mix and match session, we were invited to join the zumba training session at the Fitness First Gymnasium which is located to the next building from the Calvin Klein store.

I’m so impressed by Miss Joelle, the zumba¬†instructor of the day. She’s so energetic for her age and her body…my! oh!¬†my! so sexy and¬†toned!

Dear God…please let me aged like that! I straightaway feel motivated to join any gym¬†membership after looking at her body!

I didn’t know that¬†zumba¬†could be this fun! We were dancing and screaming during the session. Sweat’s¬†running down all over my body like The Niagara Fall but we girls¬† DON’T CARE! As long as there’s no unpleasant body odour¬†fill up the zumba¬†studio…we were OK!


With my beloved Kak Ira


The workshop ended after lunch. We were served with a bowl of chicken salads.

Healthy foods…aye!
















Sunnies for The Nerd

I started wearing glasses since I was 13 years old. I am the first to wear prescription glasses among my family members. I wasn’t happy to wear that! Probably because I felt that wearing glasses was not stylish and it’s so embarassing! And it would be a little bit inconvenient to wear glasses if you aare playing sports.

I learnt wearing contact lens when I was in University years (Thanks Sharannah Isabella for teaching me). I think I was 21 years old during that time and it happened in Terengganu. I can say…wearing lens enhance my confident. And it’s so fashionable!

As I grew older in today world, nerd fashion is becoming so lit. Everybody’s wearing glasses as an accessories eventhough their eyesight is perfect as a pilot (I wish mine is as perfect as that!). I believe wearing glasses could protect your eyes and sometimes it helps you to cover you up when you are too lazy to put on your makeup!

So, I’m back to my prescription glasses…

But the problem is…how am I gonna wear sunglasses with this prescription glasses? I can turn blind without them!

That disappointment carried me until one day I went to a mall in Cyberjaya and I stopped at Dr. Specs Shop. The store sells varieties of trendy glasses and sunnies at reasonable price. What caught my attention was…they sell clip on polarized sunnies too!

Ahah!!! That’s a bonus!

And I left the store with this shades…
Looks like a rayban but actually…it’s not!

It doesn’t matter anyway…

Untitled #4

Untitled #4


True Religion cut off shorts

Converse platform shoes

Zip bag

Alex Woo nautical anchor necklace

Ray-Ban mirror sunglasses

Witchery lip gloss

Britney Spears perfume fragrance

Sisley sun care

Untitled #3

Untitled #3


Hollister Co blue top

Mango red skirt

Giuseppe Zanotti zipper boots

By Malene Birger choker necklace

Talullah Tu skull jewelry