Call it nonsense…

But somehow I do feel like my late grandma soul is in this Chinese old lady I met at the park in Beijing Road. I feel so closed to her right after I set my eyes on her.

She waved at me with a smile and said something…too bad I can’t hear what she said and my fault for not learning Mandarin Language!

She holds my hands and gently rubbed them. Just like what my grandma used to do!

Damn…I wish I could kiss and hold her into my arm and tell her about my life!

p/s : I miss you Tok 😥


Hilton Shenzen Shekou Nanhai Hotel

Ni hao lovelies…

I’m back from a trip to China. It’s my first time traveling to China and there so many new things I have learned from this trip.

Landed at the Hong Kong International Airport…but we didn’t planned to stay at Hong Kong. So we took a ferry ride to Shenzen. Travel to Shenzen by ferry only took about 30 minutes!

Time saving yawww!

And wallllaaa…our transportation is waiting for us as soon as we reached the Shenzen Port. Being too jakun when I discovered that the driver seat in China is on the left! Wow…just like in America!


The registration session is super fast! and oh my…The interior looks so exclusive and oh my! what a convenient seat for the customers to wait for their turn.

So, this is how the look of the room I stayed as I opened the door.

A healthy welcome snacks and drink is already provided on the coffee table on the living hall…with a welcome note signed by the manager.

Hmmm… I wonder how fast they could sneak into the room to prepare that before me! Hohoho…but it’s so cute tho’!

The bathroom is so clean and big! TV is provided next to the bath tub. So, yu can still enjoy watching your favorite show while taking a peaceful verbena and lavender smell bubble bath!

My oh my! I don’t mind sleeping in the tub at all!

The bed is amazing too! I wonder what mattress they used. It eased my back pain after a long trip as soon as I lay on the bed.

This is the view from the balcony. You can view swimming pool, tennis court and gymnasium from the balcony. What a “healthy view”! Hohoho…

As the day turned to evening, we went for tea at the executive lounge. The lounge is in the next building…so the management provide eight (8) seated buggy car for their clients convenience.

I chose coffee instead of tea! Hohoho…

There are plenty of mouth watering foods to try. The foods provided are not only Chinese cuisines…but many more! I bet the chefs would make the Masterchefs contestants cried if they joined the competition too! Hohoho…

So, if you have the opportunity to travel to Shenzen, do put this hotel in your checklist, ya? Trust me…it’s worth it!


Hilton Shenzen Shekou Nanhai Hotel

177 Wanghai Rd, Nanshan Qu, Shenzhen Shi,

Guangdong Sheng, China, 518067

Tel: +86 755 2162 8888