[VLOG]: Air Asia Takes Me Home for Christmas

Hello lovelies…

I followed a local blogger from WordPress and she inspired me to vlog. I enjoy watching her YouTube video (and of course…I subscribed to her channel). She vlogs about random things and most importantly, she just being herself!

And so… this is a new video I created yesterday using my mobile phone.


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[September 11th, 2019]: Life Journal

Hello lovelies…

Girls…you wouldn’t believe what happened today!

I flew to Terengganu State today for a meeting. Everything went well at the beginning. I woke in the morning, had a nasi lemak with octopus sambal at the nearby restaurant. Stomach feeling good…

Driving my car to the airport. Parked my car at the airport and flew to Terengganu Airport


Shit happened!

I confidently left the airplane and rushed to the driver who was waiting for me outside the airport WITHOUT CARRYING OUT MY WORKING BAG!

My! Oh! My!

Guess I was so excited for the meeting, huh?

I only noticed that I left the bag as soon as I reached the meeting room!

I looked out for the Airlines call center from the internet, but unfortunately, the numbers weren’t working. So, I ended up calling the Terengganu Airport call center and lodged a report.

And so…I attended a meeting without my documents. But it’s ok, The meeting went well.

After the meeting adjourned, I rushed back to the airport to collect my bag. My bag is safe and all the items in the bag are there.

Phewww… What a day!