The Scholar Suites, Tanjung Malim, Perak

Hello lovelies…

I had experienced a pleasant stays at this suite while working outstation in Tanjung Malim, Perak this month. The suite is under the Universiti Perguruan Sultan Idris, Perak corporation and the staffs are mainly the degree students who studied hotel management. They are as professional as the worrkers at any hotels you been stayed before…or probably better than them.

And talking about the foods…yaaassss!!! FLAVOURSOME!

I can’t talk more about the cost per night stay caused my stays were fully paid by my organization…but the accountant said they were value for money!

Am I going to come back to this suite in future?



[VLOG]: Air Asia Takes Me Home for Christmas

Hello lovelies…

I followed a local blogger from WordPress and she inspired me to vlog. I enjoy watching her YouTube video (and of course…I subscribed to her channel). She vlogs about random things and most importantly, she just being herself!

And so… this is a new video I created yesterday using my mobile phone.


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Double Tree by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur

Hello lovelies…

It is a pleasure to have the chance to experience a stay at The Double Tree by Hilton Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The hotel is located in the middle of KL City, right behind The Intermark Mall. Strategic location, I would say…as you could shop and chill at the same building, without worrying about getting stuck in the massive KL traffic.

Well… I’m not gonna lie, the traffic in KL could be so stressful!

double tree kl 1
Photo from Google


double tree kl2
Photo from Google

While waiting for check-in, guests would received a packet of complimentary cookies from the management. Sweet treat for the guests who are waiting patiently in the queue.

Ohhh…please note that if you are a Hilton Honor’s Diamond Status member, you can avoid the queue by checking in at their executive lounge, which is located at level 34.


So I walked to my room with 1001 expectation…

My! Oh! My!

My jaw dropped as soon as I entered the room.

Oh yes…The room is humongous!

Given the opportunity to stay at one of their suite is a blessed! It might be common for the VIPs and celebrities all around the world, but to a simple girl-next-door who work from 8 to 5 like me, this luxury room is like heaven, yaw! This could be the most memorable experience I would share to my future grandchildren.


The room I stayed has a balcony and a coffee table set to chill. But, for the safety reason, the sliding door was lock. I need to call the management and fill in the agreement form before to unlock the door.

In-room coffee machine for the coffee lover.

There are two (2) wide screen television provided in this room, which are located at:

  • the living room;
  • the bedroom.

And of course, watching tv and lay down on the comfy bed is always be my first choice.

Ohhh…am I missing something?

There is a pillow menu for the guests to request according to their preference. Feather pillow, latex pillow, tatami pillow, buckwheat pillow, etc….just named it, girl! These pillows would definitely gonna put you into a deep sleep.

The breakfast buffet is provided during my stayed. But, unfortunately, I woke up late and I missed the breakfast.


Maybe the next time, I would share with you girls about the their food and beverage, ya?

All hail to the bath tub!

The toiletries are by The Crabtree and Everlyn.

Night view from the room balcony.

So girls…what are you waiting for? Go sign up for the Hilton Honor membership! It’s FREE!

Project-Pinnacle-Perk-Chart-02 (2)
The membership benefits.

Double Tree by Hilton, The Intermark, 348, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +6032172 7272


p/s: This post is not sponsored by the Double Tree by Hilton.

Unplanned Getaway

Hello Lovelies…

Thank you Dear God for making my dreams come true! I always been dreaming of traveling to Bali, Indonesia. I heard so many peoples bragging about how great the place was and there are so many cool and magnificent Instagram photos of Bali.

Believe it or not…I never stepped my foot on Bali even though I live next door!

How pathetic is that??? Hohoho

Until that day…when my dolphin said about having weird dreams recently that I decided to spend more time with my dolphin.

And WALLLLAAAA….the idea of traveling to Bali popped out from nowhere!

Without any hesitation, we booked the flight tickets and up up in the sky we flew across the Java Sea.

This is my first experienced of traveling with Batik Air. Batik Air is the baby of the Lion Air Group which began operation since 2013. This airline is a scheduled Indonesian airlines.

It’s only takes about three (3) hours to reached Bali from Kuala Lumpur if you’re traveling by air. And don’t worry…foods are provided by the Batik Air and it’s yummy…that’s for sure! I ate chicken briyani rice during the travel.

Overall, the airline is good and the staffs are very friendly…even though there were a slight difficulties during check in and they slightly make a mistakes during the seat check in. They handled the issue professionally.

Hmmm…Maybe this issue happened so frequent?

I don’t know…


My in-flight meal

Hilton Shenzen Shekou Nanhai Hotel

Ni hao lovelies…

I’m back from a trip to China. It’s my first time traveling to China and there so many new things I have learned from this trip.

Landed at the Hong Kong International Airport…but we didn’t planned to stay at Hong Kong. So we took a ferry ride to Shenzen. Travel to Shenzen by ferry only took about 30 minutes!

Time saving yawww!

And wallllaaa…our transportation is waiting for us as soon as we reached the Shenzen Port. Being too jakun when I discovered that the driver seat in China is on the left! Wow…just like in America!


The registration session is super fast! and oh my…The interior looks so exclusive and oh my! what a convenient seat for the customers to wait for their turn.

So, this is how the look of the room I stayed as I opened the door.

A healthy welcome snacks and drink is already provided on the coffee table on the living hall…with a welcome note signed by the manager.

Hmmm… I wonder how fast they could sneak into the room to prepare that before me! Hohoho…but it’s so cute tho’!

The bathroom is so clean and big! TV is provided next to the bath tub. So, yu can still enjoy watching your favorite show while taking a peaceful verbena and lavender smell bubble bath!

My oh my! I don’t mind sleeping in the tub at all!

The bed is amazing too! I wonder what mattress they used. It eased my back pain after a long trip as soon as I lay on the bed.

This is the view from the balcony. You can view swimming pool, tennis court and gymnasium from the balcony. What a “healthy view”! Hohoho…

As the day turned to evening, we went for tea at the executive lounge. The lounge is in the next building…so the management provide eight (8) seated buggy car for their clients convenience.

I chose coffee instead of tea! Hohoho…

There are plenty of mouth watering foods to try. The foods provided are not only Chinese cuisines…but many more! I bet the chefs would make the Masterchefs contestants cried if they joined the competition too! Hohoho…

So, if you have the opportunity to travel to Shenzen, do put this hotel in your checklist, ya? Trust me…it’s worth it!


Hilton Shenzen Shekou Nanhai Hotel

177 Wanghai Rd, Nanshan Qu, Shenzhen Shi,

Guangdong Sheng, China, 518067

Tel: +86 755 2162 8888

Layana Resort & Spa, Krabi

Having the opportunity to travel all around the world is a goal.

And for the first time, I got the chance to travel to Krabi which is located at the south of Thailand . It’s an amazing experience I had ever had. Krabi might not be a metropolitan city, but its magical tropical scenery and beautiful beaches draw attention to all the beach lovers from all around the world.

Yuuuppp…I really meant that!

I been walking and driving the roads in Thailand and all I can see are all foreigners. Like I been in Europe or somewhere! Especially during my stays in Koh Lanta’s Layana Resort & Spa.

Hohoho…it’s fun!

Talking about the resort…my oh! my!

The resort is like heaven! The staffs are all super friendly and they treat you like a queen! They welcomed every clients with a fresh lei.

Awww…I’m so touched by their warm hospitality.

That’s not all!

The decoration on the bed welcoming the client will definitely bring a big smile on your face. Fresh flowers are everywhere to be seen, eventhough in the washroom shelf. This is so refreshing!

And the minibar is full with sodas and juices…and even alcohol too! (I don’t drink that). Somehow I wish there are chocolates in that mini bar…hohoho

The next morning after the breakfast, we decided to go swimming at the pool and walk along the private beach. The pools is big and the beach is so clean. Perfect for picnicking.

Wrong timing…or maybe I was scared at the ocean wave, I almost washed away by the big wave and my oh my! I almost lost my nerdy glasses. Going on vacation with blurry eyesight is a waste…don’t you think? Thank God there’s always a dolphin angel by my side and he save my glasses!

So girls…if you have the chance to travel to Krabi and looking for a convenient place to stay, do not hesitate to try this resort. It’s worth it!

Layana Resort & Spa,

272 Moo 3 Saladan,

Koh Lanta, 81150 Krabi,


Tel: +66 (0) 75 607100

There’s a towel puppy in front of the “welcome” note

Cool bath tub with sea salt to exfoliate my deadskin

A complete set of toiletries.


Mini bar

A fresh lei

While waiting for the room…

View from the room balcony

Pools and the beach

Before being washed away by the big wave