The Spa & Gym, Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Hello lovelies…

If you been following my blog, you must have remembered the Butterfly Project Health & Wellness Workshop I attended last a few months ago (17th August 2019).



Now you get what I was talking about. (Click here for the post).

I’m not going to write about the event all over again, but lets’ talk about the premise of the workshop, shall we?

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To be honest, this is one of the beautiful gyms that I had ever go. The gym is fully equipped with various types of work out machines. Treadmills, elliptical machines, leg press machines and many more…you name it!

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The good thing about this gym is…you don’t even have to book a stay at the hotel as this gym is open for membership. There are many privileges you could get by joining this membership, such as:

  1. Fully equipped fitness center;
  2. Complimentary inbody composition analysis;
  3. Outdoor swimming pool;
  4. Outdoor jacuzzi;
  5. Wet areas with jacuzzi, steam and sauna room;
  6. Group exercise classes;
  7. Separate changing rooms with showers and lockers;
  8. First two (2) hours free parking fee;
  9. Personalized individual workout program*;
  10. Daily supervision by the fitness trainers;
  11. 25% discounts on food bills at all outlets; and
  12. 25% discount on all spa treatments.

You could also be able to enjoy 50% off on the introductory rate for the spa treatment.

Am I getting your full attention?

Well…if you are interested, do not hesitate to sign up for the membership. There are a few types of membership with different rates you could choose, ie;

  1. Monthly: MYR 265.00*;
  2. 3 Months: MYR 249.10*/month ;
  3. 6 Months: MYR 233.20*/month; and
  4. Daily: MYR 91*.

Good news, if you are really interested to join the membership, you could use this promo code: BUTTERFLY to enjoy gym membership rate for MYR 180*/month.

Thank me later, girls…

This is only applicable at The Spa and Gym in Hilton, Kuala Lumpur. The prices are subjected to the prevailing taxes.




The spa room for couples.

The indoor jacuzzi.
Sauna room.
Classes schedule for the members.
Lockers for the members.



Chilling at the swimming pool is not a bad idea ūüėČ




Stand Tall, Darling!

Hello lovelies…

Do you know that October is also known as Breast Cancer Awareness month? In conjuction to the month of the breast cancer (which will be happening in a few weeks), Signature Market is inviting us to join their Breast Cancer Awareness Event “Stand Tall, Darling!”.

Date: 5th October 2019
Time: 12pm – 3.30pm
Venue: Slate @ The Row
Dress Code: Pink

Butterfly Project’s Health x Wellness Workshop 2019

Hello lovelies…

To those who are following me on my Instagram, you girls already know that I went to The Spa and Gym at Hilton Hotel in Kuala Lumpur a few weeks ago (August 17th, 2019) for the Butterfly Project’s Health x Wellness Workshop. Well…if you haven’t followed my IG yet, maybe you should for my impromptu live feeds.


farahpinkladydotcom_Butterfly_Project_Health x Wellness_Workshop

There were 30 bloggers/vloggers a.k.a influencers participating in the workshop. We have formed into three (3) groups and there were three (3)  mind blowing sessions for us to complete.

The workshop began with a welcoming speech by Miss Tammy Lim, the founder of the Butterfly Project Organization.

farahpinkladydotcom_Butterfly_Project_Health x Wellness_Workshop_2

farahpinkladydotcom_Butterfly_Project_Health x Wellness_Workshop_3

The warming up session conducted by the trainer from The Spa & Gym came right after the speech. We completed the exercise eventhough some of us were not wearing sports attire (including me).

farahpinkladydotcom_Butterfly_Project_Health x Wellness_Workshop_4

As the exercise session ended, we moved according to our groups.

And these are the three (3) mind, body and spirit sessions we joined accordingly:

  1. The Self-Care Session by Minc.Care;
  2. Vegan Beauty Mask Workshop by Naturally Handmade; and
  3. Aromatherapy Oil-blending Workshop by Plant Origins.

The Self-Care Session by Minc.Care


It was a counseling session coached by the founder of Mic.Care, Miss Minnie Chang. Miss Minnie Chang is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Counseling with the background of Bachelor degree in Psychology.

During the session, we discussed on every obstacles that we had. Bear in mind, Miss Minnie Chang is not the the person to solve every issue we discussed, but she guided and initiated us to voice up our perspective on every issues we discussed. The individual is the one who decides which is the best solution for her problem(s).

Later that I learned from the session that everybody in this world has their own problem. The problem varies from every sort of factors. It could be family, relationship, love, career, studies, health, etc. These problems could bring stress, depression and in the worst case scenario, some people choose to end up their life just to get away from all her/his problem(s). 

Seek for a good listener and a good secret keeper that would listen to all your struggle. It’s okay if she/he couldn’t even solve your problem, but trust me…it would lessen your burden after sharing it.¬†I feel so thankful for who I am today that I am always surrounded by good concern people.

Thank you, God!

farahpinkladydotcom_Butterfly_Project_Health x Wellness_Workshop_5

farahpinkladydotcom_Butterfly_Project_Health x Wellness_Workshop_6

Vegan Beauty Mask Workshop by Naturally Handmade



farahpinkladydotcom_Butterfly_Project_Health x Wellness_Workshop_7

The second session I attended was the DIY clay mask conducted by Miss Bavani Gopala Krishnan, the founder of Naturally Handmade.

farahpinkladydotcom_Butterfly_Project_Health x Wellness_Workshop_8farahpinkladydotcom_Butterfly_Project_Health x Wellness_Workshop_9

There were so many jars of clay and superfoods for us to mix depending on our skin conditions. Each of them has their own benefits to our skin. As for my sensitive skin, I combined rhassoul clay with tangerine and pomegranate. These are the benefits of my DIY clay mask:

  • Rhassoul clay: It has a mildly abrasive texture that makes it great for exfoliating those dead cells from the surface of the skin to leave it soft and silky. It is suitable for sensitive skin;
  • Tangerine powder: It works as antioxidants that fight from skin damaged and it is enriched with Vitamin C. It brighten our skin and removes oil and bacteria; and
  • Calendula powder: It has antiseptic properties, which are helpful for treating wounds and preventing acne. The extract stimulates collagen production and moistens our skin.

farahpinkladydotcom_Butterfly_Project_Health x Wellness_Workshop_10

farahpinkladydotcom_Butterfly_Project_Health x Wellness_Workshop_

Aromatherapy Oil-blending Workshop by Dashindra Siva, Signature Market


This is the last session of the day. This session is presented by Miss Dashindra Siva. She seemed to be familiar among us as she is one of the community members.

She taught us the art of blending essential oils. Like the clays, each oil has its own benefit. These essential oils could definitely influence your mood. For example, lavender oil is the one you should look for if you need to feel calm and relax.

I mixed lavender with rose geranium and grapefruit hoping that I would feel romantically calm and fresh.

The good thing about the essential oils from the Plant Origin is that they are 100% natural and plant-based with a growing variety of scents ranging from floral and citrusy to woody. So, fret not…this oils wouldn’t poison you.

farahpinkladydotcom_Butterfly_Project_Health x Wellness_Workshop_12

farahpinkladydotcom_Butterfly_Project_Health x Wellness_Workshop_13

farahpinkladydotcom_Butterfly_Project_Health x Wellness_Workshop_14

In summary, the event was fun and very informative. Kudos to the organizer to successfully handle the workshop like a pro! Thank you for having me in such a memorable workshop like this. I hope there will be more interesting workshops coming up in the future.

SHAPE x Calvin Klein Workshop

Hello lovelies…

Registration counter
The welcome snack and drink

It’s been an pleasure to received an invitation from Shape Magazine for The Shape x Calvin Klein Workshop. I was among the 30 women who were selected to join the workshop.¬†Hohoho…was I born¬†with lucky charm or what?

Shape Magazine is known for fitness and healthy lifestyle and Calvin Klein is known for their glamour fashion and styles. So what does these two related to each other?

Well well well…

Nowadays, peoples not only go to the gym for workout, girls! Gym is also known as a silent fashion stage for some fashionista. Taking selfies and sharing photos about their ‘workout routine’ or today gym OOTD on Instagram is now become a trend. And what can be worst is…they asked nearby people at random to be their¬†unpaid photographer!

Walaweyhhh…so syok¬†ahhh?¬†

To keep updated with the latest trend, Calvin Klein has come out with the fashionable sportswear range, named Calvin Klein Performance. During the workshop, we learned about mix and match sportswear. Miss Jayen, the speaker for the session taught us about ‘athleisure’ style, which means that sportswear is not only to be worn at the gym, girls…nah ah ah! She told us to be confident to¬†wear these styles even though¬†you hang out with your friends and maybe on a date with your bae!

The emcee for The Shape x Calvin Klein Workshop
A welcome speech by Miss Samantha, the Calvin Klein Branch Manager
The Mix and Match session by Miss Jayen
With my bestie and Miss Jayen

The new reversible sports bra
Trying out the running jacket

After the mix and match session, we were invited to join the zumba training session at the Fitness First Gymnasium which is located to the next building from the Calvin Klein store.

I’m so impressed by Miss Joelle, the zumba¬†instructor of the day. She’s so energetic for her age and her body…my! oh!¬†my! so sexy and¬†toned!

Dear God…please let me aged like that! I straightaway feel motivated to join any gym¬†membership after looking at her body!

I didn’t know that¬†zumba¬†could be this fun! We were dancing and screaming during the session. Sweat’s¬†running down all over my body like The Niagara Fall but we girls¬† DON’T CARE! As long as there’s no unpleasant body odour¬†fill up the zumba¬†studio…we were OK!


With my beloved Kak Ira


The workshop ended after lunch. We were served with a bowl of chicken salads.

Healthy foods…aye!