[September 8th, 2019]: Life Journal

Hello lovelies…

How’s your Sunday?

I gotta say, Sunday is always be a lazy day for me. The day where I feel like doing nothing at all. Just chilling at home wearing my pyjama and tucked under the blanket the whole day.

I make myself a grilled salmon with berries smoothie for my lunch today and it turned out to be pretty good. Well done, Farah! I wish I snapped a photo of the meal, but sorry girls…I was so hungry at that time.

After lunch, I watched a few series of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. Hmmm… I guess the series is a bit lousy that left me feeling dizzy and sleepy.

So I went to my bedroom and took a nap. Wasn’t expecting to sleep for too long, but yeah… I woke up at 6.10pm. That would be like four (4) hours sleeping.

I decided to go for groceries shopping at the nearby mall as I remembered that there is no ice cream left in the fridge.

I make a video of the items I purchased at the mall.

Check it out, girls…


How do you spend your Sunday? Any exciting stories you would love to share? Let’s share your day on the comment box below. I would love to hear from you.


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A Malaysian Scorpio who β™₯s PINK and meowing all the times...but BEWARE when she rooaarr!!! Pardon me for my Manglish Language :p

19 thoughts on “[September 8th, 2019]: Life Journal”

      1. Me too, I live across town to study. But the good thing is that they always come once a week, so I try my best to spent the best time when we met. Thanks for commenting though, you are my first commenter. πŸ™‚

      2. Oh silly me, you reply to my comment not commenting on my post… Lol-maybe I really want someone comment on my post…
        Yeah, that’s sucks, but at least you can still meet them..

  1. I like to spend my Sundays either taking a nice walk anywhere in the city (I live in NY), or catching up with friends at brunch. In the winter, it’s all about days being lazy in bed and binge watching shows! 😜 xx

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