CLEOxDIOR Lip Makeover Party 2019

Hello lovelies…

I was so excited when Malaysian Cleo Magazine selected me to join their private Dior Lip Makeover Party.

Oh thank you, God!

This party was held in conjunction with Dior new launched lip glow lip balm and their new lip maximizer gloss. The event was from 18th – 19th February 2019 at Dior Boutique, Pavilion Mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

There was four (4) lip makeover session for the attendees and I participated in the last session which was on 19th February at 2.30 pm. The session was attended by a few local celebrities and influencers too.

The session started with the lip makeover demonstration on my favorite radio DJ, Miss Maggy Wang.

After the demo, we are free to try out the new lip balm and gloss. There are seven (7) lip glow lip balm shades to choose which are:

201 Pink: light pink with a pearly finish
204 Coral: bright coral with a pearly finish
206 Berry: berry shade with a pearly finish
207 Raspberry: raspberry pink with a pearly finish
209 Holo Purple: light purple with a holographic finish
210 Holo Pink: bright coral pink with a holographic finish
212 Rosewood: rosewood with a pearly finish

dior lip glow2

The new Dior Addict Lip Glow revives color for fresh and radiant lips. It has color & glows dual action which boosted rosy effect to match any skin tone and the light-reflecting pearlescent pigments intensified glow. It contains mango butter to smoothes, softens and hydrates your lips for 24 hours.

The product itself is best to be paired with the Lip Maximizer to create shine and volume to the max. It is formulated with hyaluronic acid for powerful hydration and a volume-maximizing effect.

The lip maximizer shades are:

01 Pink: light pink with a pure shine
04 Coral: bright coral with a pure shine
06 Berry: plum with a pure shine
07 Raspberry: raspberry pink with a pure shine
12 Rosewood: rosewood with a pure shine
10 Holo Pink: bright coral pink with a glossy shine
09 Holo Purple: light purple with a glossy shine

To my surprised, Dior actually created eight (8) shades for this range, but the shade no.13 – Beige is only available in the USA.

lip maximizer2

For those who loves glossy & shiny lips, you should check this out!

I bet you gonna love it!

As for me, I’m more into matte lipsticks. Sorry, Dior :/



My new friends I met at the session.

Wefie with Malaysia Cleo Mag Editor, Miss Lina.







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5 thoughts on “CLEOxDIOR Lip Makeover Party 2019”

  1. That’s so awesome you were invited! All of the shades look very pretty! I like mattes more, too, but sometimes my lips are so dry I have to go with something else. Looks like the event was fun 🙂

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