Go Lokal Hut, Putrajaya

Hello lovelies,

Ever wonder where you can chill and enjoy your tea time in Putrajaya just like the way you were in kampung?

Traditional local foods are always my favorite.  If you asked me “what’s your favorite local food combo?” I would definitely say “assam laksa and cendol!”. In fact, I boasted about how delicious it tastes in a few of my posts. I don’t mind having assam laksa daily.

Assam Laksa / Laksa Utara at the Go Lokal Hut.
The regular cendol.

Ok…so you might not be a fan of assam laksa…

How about cendol?

For a cendol lover, you don’t have to ride your motorcycle and “merah merah muka berpeluh -peluh” like the viral awek cendol.

All you gotta do is just head over to Alamanda Shopping Centre, Putrajaya and look out for Go Lokal Hut. This hut will be the answer for all your cendol’s craving!

Simple counter design.

The menu comes in sets and ala carte. The foods are limited; ie

  1. Assam laksa / Laksa Utara;
  2. Mee Rebus Kinta;
  3. Laksa Johor; and
  4. Rojak Melaka

Each set comes with a meal and a regular cendol.

The combo deals.

And the cendol selections are:

  1. Cendol Biasa;
  2. Cendol Kacang;
  3. Cendol Pulut;
  4. Cendol Jagung;
  5. Cendol Tapai;
  6. Cendol Nangka;
  7. Cendol Rambutan;
  8. Cendol Laici; and
  9. Cendol Durian.

My! Oh! My!

The foods are tasty as what they claimed!

Definitely worth it!

And the price is reasonable too!

So girls, check out this place if you are in Putrajaya;

GO Lokal Hut
LG 72, 73 &74

Alamanda Shopping Centre
Putrajaya, MALAYSIA.


p/s: This post is not sponsored.


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