Verb Product Sea Collection

Hello lovelies…

It’s been a month I’ve been using The Verb Sea Shampoo and the conditioner. Perfect timing, huh? since it is now summer time! (duhhh…as if my country has four season!)


I gotta admit that I was attempt to buy this set at Sephora just because of the pouch that comes with the set. Yeaaahhh…I’m sucked at beautiful packaging/makeup pouch. Never heard about the brand before nor doing any survey on the products. Only by reading the reviews from Sephora.

Life is a gamble yaw…so I did buy the set and hoping that it wouldn’t do any harm on me.

My! Oh! My!

The first trial already awed me!

My hair became so smooth on my first wash and oohhh girls… the smell is so good! It’s the smell of the ocean paradise!


Never in my life had ever used any shampoo that gives me this silky smooth hair on the first wash. Like seriously… my hair feels like it was just having a hair treatment at a salon!

Can you believe it?

Well…I couldn’t believe it too at first. So, I put it into a test.  I leaved it dried for a few days until the next wash.

Second awed, girls… My hair remains the same like the first day I washed my hair for a couple days (three (3) days to be precised) and the smell still lingered!

That’s it, girls… This brand is going to be forever on my bathroom shelf. Yes…it my be pricey compared to all the drugstore shampoo brands, but it totally worth it! Plus…it’s vegan and cruelty free products. What more can I say?


p/s : the set I purchased comes with a shampoo (355ml), conditioner(355ml), sea spray (186ml) and sea texture cream (60ml).

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