Unplanned Getaway

Hello Lovelies…

Thank you Dear God for making my dreams come true! I always been dreaming of traveling to Bali, Indonesia. I heard so many peoples bragging about how great the place was and there are so many cool and magnificent Instagram photos of Bali.

Believe it or not…I never stepped my foot on Bali even though I live next door!

How pathetic is that??? Hohoho

Until that day…when my dolphin said about having weird dreams recently that I decided to spend more time with my dolphin.

And WALLLLAAAA….the idea of traveling to Bali popped out from nowhere!

Without any hesitation, we booked the flight tickets and up up in the sky we flew across the Java Sea.

This is my first experienced of traveling with Batik Air. Batik Air is the baby of the Lion Air Group which began operation since 2013. This airline is a scheduled Indonesian airlines.

It’s only takes about three (3) hours to reached Bali from Kuala Lumpur if you’re traveling by air. And don’t worry…foods are provided by the Batik Air and it’s yummy…that’s for sure! I ate chicken briyani rice during the travel.

Overall, the airline is good and the staffs are very friendly…even though there were a slight difficulties during check in and they slightly make a mistakes during the seat check in. They handled the issue professionally.

Hmmm…Maybe this issue happened so frequent?

I don’t know…


My in-flight meal


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A Malaysian Scorpio who ♥s PINK and meowing all the times...but BEWARE when she rooaarr!!! Pardon me for my Manglish Language :p

5 thoughts on “Unplanned Getaway”

    1. Hohoho…
      Thank u so much 🙂
      I heard a lot of rumors about the US airlines and I watched videos about the airlines too. I hope the service will be improved sooner or later 🙂

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